Tippets: Blind Casting, River Economy, Stream-side Etiquette

November 8, 2014 By: Erin Block

  • Even when conditions aren’t right for sight fishing you can still find fish, writes Chris O’Byrne, by “limiting the search area and, like a good chess player, thinking a few moves ahead.” Via Florida Sportsman.
  • Colorado’s waterways attract people and thus revenue to the state. A recent report commissioned by Protect The Flows found that if the Colorado River was a company, it would rank 155th on the 2011 Fortune 500 list. Sarah Tory takes a look at the “river economy” in a recent article on Adventure Journal via High Country News.
  • While there aren’t many hard-and-fast rules for being out on the water, there are a few, and it’s always good to be reminded of good stream-side etiquette. Bill Cairns goes through the Dos and Don’ts in a recent piece via Orvis.