Tippets: Deschutes River Challenges, “Part Huck Finn,” Top Nymphing Techniques

October 9, 2014 By: Erin Block

  • Warmer water temperatures, algae blooms, fewer insect hatches are all impacting the ecosystem and fishery of the Deschutes River. Dave Moskowitz of Deschutes River Alliance talks with Mia Sheppard on Metalheads, about what is being done to monitor water quality and fish populations.
  • Author Ron Rash looks back on his journey to becoming a writer and his childhood in the Blue Ridge Mountains and its trout streams, which was “part Huck Finn and part Fern Hill,” he writes in a recent piece on Garden & Gun.
  • From changing flies to placement on the river, and turning over stones to line control, Martha Goodrich goes over some important techniques and tactics for nymphing.