Video: Finn Utility – Richmond Tube Roll

October 2, 2014 By: timromano

Finn Utility makes some absolutely gorgeous pieces of gear for the fly fishing world. The brand has that “gotta have it, even if you don’t need it” feel to it.  In my humble opinion their latest piece, the Richmond Tube Roll, does that as well. Here, owner Ryan McDonald gives us the ins and outs (literally) of his latest product.

This piece is modular in design, working with a variety of tubes and lengths. It features four pockets, which fit tubes up to 2” in diameter or smaller, and 34” long. At the same time, it will accommodate two tubes as short as 24” without flinching. With its burly English bridle leather strap and handle, it’s perfect for that Alaskan float plane trip you’ve been planning, or for throwing on your back for that last minute motorcycle ride to the Maine lakes. MSRP $289.95