Tippets: SPOT GPS Review, Bringing Back Coasters

September 19, 2014 By: Erin Block

  • If you often venture to remote streams or backcountry waters, take some time to check out a recent review of the SPOT GPS Messenger system by Mike Sepelak. “Being able to keep my wife informed and comfortable that I was alive and well despite the remoteness of my wanderings and uncertainty of my plans was priceless,” writes Sepelak via Hatch Magazine.
  • State fisheries managers are beginning a long-term experiment to restore populations of Michigan’s lake-run brookies, known as Coasters. “This is an opportunity to try to restore a unique trophy fishery to anglers in the state,” says Troy Zorn, a fisheries research biologist at the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Marquette Fisheries Research Station. “We’re proposing restrictive regulations for eight (Upper Peninsula) streams. It will affect about 35 miles of river; about 23 of those miles have brook trout.” Read more from The Outdoor Journal.