Tippets: Persistence on the Dean, Warm Waters Reroute Salmon, Tenkara USA Water Filter

September 15, 2014 By: Erin Block

  • On the Dean River “Confidence is key,” writes Steven Brutger, “but after several days without touching a fish it is hard to hold onto.” Persistence does pay off though, and you can read more about his trip (and success) via Stalking the Seam.
  • Abnormally warm waters are making sockeye-salmon reroute their run, bypassing the usual Puget Sound waters in favor or colder Canadian waters, with almost 99 percent of sockeye going through the Johnstone Strait around the northern part of Vancouver Island. Via The Seattle Times.
  • Tenkara USA now offers a water filtration system. Perfect for lightening your load and also easy on the wallet, being offered at $30.00. Check out more about this product via Hatch Magazine and Tenkara USA.