Book Release: “A Fly Fishing Guide To Indian Peaks Wilderness Area”

Mike Kruise and Steve Schweitzer have announced the release of their new book, “A Fly Fishing Guide To Indian Peaks Wilderness Area,” which will be available for purchase beginning October 20, 2014.

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A Fly Fishing Guide To Indian Peaks Wilderness Area by Mike Kruise and Steven B. Schweitzer

A Fly Fishing Guide to Colorado’s Indian Peaks Wilderness Area by Mike Kruise and Steve Schweitzer, with contributing author Benjamin Swigle, is published by Pixachrome Publishing of Greeley, Colorado.  The retail price is $26.95.

Book available for shipment on October 20, 2014

Executive Summary

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Over 100 fishing destinations in Indian Peaks Wilderness Area (IPWA)have been detailed with topographic maps, trail profiles, fishing tips, destination notes and photographs.  The 160-page book contains over 100 vivid full-color photographs of the fly fishing destinations in the IPWA.  The book contains 14 pages of charts and tables containing detailed river and lake data, hatch charts and hiking trail information.  The book also contains over 50 local expert and guide favorite fly patterns not found in other books.  It is packed with information about every water in IPWA containing fish.  It is the most complete and thorough book ever written about fishing one of America’s most popular Wilderness Areas.

The Book in More Detail

The book is designed to answer an angler’s most important question – “Where do I want to fish today?” by providing essential fly fishing trip planning tools for fishing IPWA, including:

  • Appendix table: “Creeks, Streams, Rivers, and Lakes” detailing all 75 named water locations in IPWA
  • Detailed hatch charts and hatch seasons
  • Trails ranked by difficulty (useful in researching how difficult a hike might be)
  • Lakes Containing Fish (for those high-altitude fly fishing junkies)
  • 50+ fly patterns of local experts and guides
  • Fishing techniques and tips
  • Fish identification
  • Detailed location maps, trail profiles & descriptions

Title: A Fly Fishing Guide to Colorado’s Indian Peaks Wilderness Area
Authors: Michael Kruise, Steven B. Schweitzer, contributions by Benjamin Swigle
ISBN-10: 0-9890180-0-8
ISBN-13: 978-0-9890180-0-5
Library of Congress Control Number:  2014913203
MSRP: $26.95<
Wholesale: $16.17
Content: 160 pages, full color
Case/Lot Size: 44 books per case
Availability Date: Books available for shipment starting October 20, 2014
Purchasing info: Pre-order quantities and POs accepted via email to
Distributors: Angler’s Book Supply, Raymond Rumpf & Son

About the Authors
Mike Kruise and Steve Schweitzer collaborated together, hiking every trail and fishing all locations mentioned in the book.  The project took over three years with nearly 1,000 miles hiked, combined.  Contributing author Benjamin Swigle, is a Fish Biologist with Colorado Parks & Wildlife provided technical oversight and historical fish management data.  Mike is co-owner of the Laughing Grizzly Fly Shop in Longmont, CO.  Steve is the author of the best-selling book A Fly Fishing Guide to Rocky Mountain National Park.


“Timing is everything, including when to plan your adventure around good and bad conditions. Detailed maps, trails, safety, fly fishing tactics and techniques…..Mike Kruise and Steve Schweitzer cover it all. If you are looking for a truly off the beaten path Rocky Mountain fly fishing adventure, this book is a sure bet for every angler’s library.”

Landon Mayer, author of “How to Catch the Biggest Trout of Your Life, Sight Fishing for Trout, Colorado’s Best Fly Fishing, and 101 Trout Tips: A Guide’s, Secrets, Tactics, and Techniques.”

“A Fly Fishing Guide to Indian Peaks Wilderness Area will make a nice addition to any angler’s library. Mike Kruise and Steve Schweitzer have done an impeccable job producing the most comprehensive guide to the area.  The beautiful photos, detailed maps, informative illustrations, combined with other helpful tidbits of information make this book hard to put down.”

Pat Dorsey, author of “A Fly Fishing Guide to the South Platte River,” “Fly Fishing Tailwaters,” and “Tying and Fishing Tailwater Flies.”

“This book is brim with practical advice for accessing and fishing one of the most popular wilderness areas in the country, Colorado’s Indian Peaks. Here, Steve and Mike provide a great guide and resource for anglers of all levels to reference before hitting the trail.”

Erin Block, author of “The View from Coal Creek.”

“The word “comprehensive” is often overused,but it’s the best word to describe this wonderful guide to the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area.  Mike and Steve have done an amazing job of laying out every detail to ensure not only a great trip, but to also provide helpful fodder for late night planning and dreaming.  Forget the archaic maps scrawled on a napkin; this book makes them all obsolete.”

Charlie Craven, author of “Basic Fly Tying: Modern Techniques for Flies That Catch Fish,” “Charlie’s Fly Box: Signature Flies for Fresh and Salt Water.”


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