Tippets: Fatten Up Flies, Fish Listener, Forest Service Called Out on Groundwater

September 2, 2014 By: Erin Block

  • Traditionally, soft hackle Tenkara flies are tied with slim bodies for a sleek, attractive profile. But Jason Klass re-examines the practice and gives us four good reasons to fatten up our flies.
  • Harun Muhammad is one of Malaysia’s last “fish listeners.” However, his skills and commercial fishing work is becoming harder after decades of overfishing in the South China Sea. “When you listen, it is like through a looking glass,” says Muhammad. Via Phys.org.
  • While it’s a good first step, the newly proposed Forest Service “Directive” doesn’t go far enough to protect groundwater supplies. Marcus Griswold explains the details and what you can do to comment on the proposal, via NRDC’s Switchboard.