Tippets: Cleaning Lines, Sunscreen in Ocean Waters, Gaspé Atlantic Salmon

August 30, 2014 By: Erin Block

  • Cleaning your fly lines can improve casting ability and quality. Brian Kozminski talks with Erick Johnson of Scientific Anglers about the best methods and products to use to keep your casting smooth and even extend the life of your line. Via True North Trout.
  • While sunscreen saves our skin, it has harmful impacts on the world’s oceans, confirms new research from  Spanish researchers Antonio Tovar-Sanchez and David Sánchez-Quiles. “Our results suggest that the increased tourist activities will have important ecological consequences in the coastal areas as a consequence of the increased input of sunscreen products, particularly in Mediterranean beaches.” Via Conservation Magazine.
  • In a post featuring stunning landscape and fish, Marc Aroner reports on a recent trip out for Gaspé Atlantic salmon. Via Spinoza Rods.