PEAK Fishing Releases Jurassic Series Products

August 1, 2014 By: Erin Block

PEAK has announced the release of a new line of products called the “Jurassic Series,” designed specifically for tying large flies for fresh and saltwater.

Read more in the press release below.

PEAK Fishing Releases Jurassic Series Products

From PEAK Fishing:

With the growing popularity of large fresh and saltwater predator flies, sharks, offshore flies and jigs for halibut, grouper, lake trout and other species – We’ve received many requests for a vise that would hold the largest hooks on the market.

Peak vise

PEAK’s engineering team has tackled the problem and come up with a unique and innovative new solution for securing oversize hook wires and resisting the extra heavy pulling force exerted on long shank hooks when using high tensile tying threads.

The solution is PEAK’s Large Iron Retention System (LIRS) featured in our introductory

product in what will be our new line called the Jurassic Series. While the application of this technology is new, these products are built large and tough like the dinosaurs that ruled the Jurassic Period. Our one-of-a-kind drawbar retainer has a .200 wide slot to hold far larger hooks than any product we know available.

As with all PEAK Fishing products, we’ve thought through the details of the Jurassic Series

to develop a set of products to provide a durable, economical and functional series of tools to address your most extreme fly or jig tying needs!

  • Captures and retains hooks positively unlike conventional vises which rely on friction to clamp the hook between 2 parallel jaw faces.
  • 360 degree rotation for access to all sides of your fl y or jig.
  • Pivoting head to adjust to various hook bend designs.
  • Manufactured from Stainless Steel, CRS, Tool Steel and Brass for maximum durability.
  • Hardened Draw Bar and Anchor Channel.
  • Fast, easy, positive adjustments.
  • Durable powder coated Pedestal Base.
  • Pedestal Base is oversize for maximum stability and includes mounting holes for bolting to a bench, integral hook and material pocket.
  • Pedestal Base includes two Accessory Post mounting holes to accept accessories