Tippets: Mayfly Millions, Skeena Land Rights, New Katadyn Filter

July 25, 2014 By: Erin Block

  • Massive summer mayfly hatches are reaching “Biblical proportions” in Wisconsin. They’re causing traffic accidents and even appeared on a meteorology radar as a rain squall. Check out some incredible photos of the insects via The Week.
  • Sport anglers are being evicted from fishing the famous Skeena River over land rights claims of First Nations. Any anglers planning trips to British Columbia should pay close attention, as government officials and wildlife managers try to determine to what extent the ruling will impact angling access and the sport fishing economy.
  • For this summer’s camping and backpacking trips, get a first look at a new water filter from Katadyn, which uses gravity (instead of pumping) to move water through the purification system. Via Gear Junkie.