Tippets: Freshwater Lionfish, Terrestrial Patterns, Draining the Colorado

July 22, 2014 By: Erin Block

  • A sixth-grader’s science fair project resulted in an important discovery about lionfish—specifically, that the historically misunderstood saltwater species can also survive in freshwater. As an invasive species, lionfish present a serious threat to Florida waters, and this discovery has researchers looking for them in saltwater and freshwater both.
  • As we enter mid-summer, fishing terrestrial patterns becomes a go-to. Johnny Spillane has listed his top ten picks: from the Parachute Ant to Charlie Boy Hopper.
  • The urban sprawl of Colorado’s Front Range has devastating impacts for the headwaters of the Colorado River. “This elaborate system of tunnels and diversions has allowed cities and farms to flourish along the Front Range,” writes Sandra Postel, “but has come with a high and largely hidden cost for many of the rivers and streams that form the lifeblood of the upper Colorado River and its local communities.” Via National Geographic NewsWatch.