Tippets: All in the Presentation, Stream Hazards, Intersex Fish In Pennsylvania Rivers

July 14, 2014 By: Erin Block

  • Alex Cerveniak presents an analysis for eight of the most common casting mistakes when presenting flies to fish. From drags and drifts to backstrokes and timing, this piece is a must-read.
  • Three Boeing 737 fuselages are stranded in the Clark Fork River after a train derailment near Superior, Montana. When fly fishing, you never know what will happen. Via Gizmodo.
  • Some rivers in Pennsylvania are yielding intersex fish. Specifically, male fish were discovered carrying eggs in the Susquehanna, Delaware and Ohio river basins. A sign, say researchers in a U.S. Geological Survey report, that the water may be tainted with chemicals. Via The Los Angeles Times.