Tippets: California Fish Evacuation, Chasing Muskie, Patagonia Dam Rejected

June 24, 2014 By: Erin Block

  • The California drought is causing evacuation of fish from the American Rivers hatchery due to concerns over low flow levels and rising water temperatures. The young fish will be stocked at a younger age than usual, which will lower the expected survival rate, say fisheries managers. Via The Sacramento Bee.
  • From knots to leader material, this short instructional film from Kip Vieth of Wildwood Float Trips explains the proper rigging for chasing muskie on the fly.
  • An $8 billion dam proposal that would have used Patagonian rivers to meet growing energy demands, damaging world-renowned fisheries in the process, has been rejected by a government commission. Environmentalists are praising the decision as “the greatest triumph of the environmental movement in Chile.” Via The New York Times.