Tippets: Tarpon Jig Deemed Illegal, Catch & Release Techniques, Committed to the Colorado

  • The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has decided the “new and improved” tarpon jig that turned up recently in Boca Grande Pass isn’t that at all: it’s illegal. And law enforcement officers have been instructed to treat it as such.
  • If you practice catch and release, make sure that you are in fact, releasing the fish unharmed. Check out tips and techniques from The Catch and the Hatch.
  • The binational agreement between the U.S. and Mexico, known as Minute 319, is a commitment to deliver environmental flow levels for the Colorado River Delta and sustainable water releases from Morelos Dam. A recent piece by Jennifer Pit on National Geographic’s NewsWatch highlights some of the individuals, conservation groups and government agencies that made it possible.
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