Putting a Stop to Fisherman’s Elbow

May 25, 2014 By: Erin Block

Tennis elbow is one of the most common injuries of anglers, and the new EZElbow System from Clinically Fit Inc. is a comprehensive system for rehabilitation of overuse injuries.

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Put a Stop to Fisherman’s Elbow for Good

Clinically Fit Inc. introduces EZElbow System to Relieve Fisherman’s Elbow Clinically Fit Inc. has announced the release of its newest product for treating tennis elbow – the EZElbow System. The first comprehensive rehabilitation system for tennis elbow was developed to address the four essential components required to optimize the healing process.

Because compression alone doesn’t resolve the problem for fishermen, the EZElbow System combines two of Clinically Fit’s most successful therapeutic products – the Xtensor and EZElbow – to help prevent further injury, deliver maximum blood flow, treat the symptoms and address the cause of tennis elbow. In turn, the EZElbow System helps to accelerate recovery time while minimizing the many setbacks often experienced while trying to rehabilitate tennis elbow. The dual adjustment compression platform of the EZElbow component integrates targeted acupressure, cold and heat therapies to enhance blood flow and relieve pain and stiffness, while the Xtensor Hand Exerciser strengthens the elbow muscles and tendons.

Through combined use of the two products to form a therapeutic system, the EZElbow System enables the elbow tendons to absorb greater amounts of stress from actions like repetitive casting to help prevent future reoccurrences of tennis elbow in fishermen.

Tennis elbow is one of the most common injuries in fishermen. All methods of casting and retrieving can cause chronic elbow pain due to repetitive overuse of the forearm tendons. Fishermen suffering from tennis elbow might be forced to refrain from fishing for long periods of time. The EZElbow System can help minimize lost fishing time caused by painful tennis elbow symptoms. As a therapeutic device, the EZElbow System can also help prevent the development of tennis elbow in fishermen who have never experienced the injury by strengthening the specific muscles affected by tennis elbow.

According to Scott Kupferman, CEO of Clinically Fit Inc., “Nearly five million people are diagnosed each year with tennis elbow. Our goal with the EZElbow System is to change the standard treatment protocol for tennis elbow. This is the first product that works not only to help prevent further injury but also to treat the symptoms while addressing the cause of tennis elbow.”

Known in the medical world as epicondylitis, tennis elbow is a common and often painful condition caused by micro tears and inflammation on the part of the finger extensor tendon located near its origin point. Micro tears are caused by heavy or repetitive activity. Most cases are curable without surgical intervention, but the duration of tennis elbow is often more than one year with many setbacks along the way.

Keeping muscles and tendons strong is essential to the healing process as muscles act as pumps to drive blood flow delivering vital nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and oxygen. All are needed for optimal performance and healing throughout the body to get fishermen back on the water.

“The key reason tennis elbow lasts for so long with numerous painful setbacks along the way is the lack of adequate blood supply,” Kupferman added. “The EZElbow compression strap helps stimulate blood flow and helps people bounce back more quickly.”

EZElbow was developed by Clinically Fit Inc., the manufacturers of the internationally recognized Xtensor Hand Exerciser featured by the Wall Street Journal, The Doctors, XBOX Magazine, and winner of the prestigious Medical Design Excellence Awards.

The EZElbow compression strap is available for $34.95, and the EZElbow System is available for $62.95 both with free shipping. For more information or to purchase EZElbow or the EZElbow System, visit www.clinicallyfit.com.


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