First Glance: NikWax Outdoor Waterproofing Products

May 20, 2014 By: timromano

sandal_washOkay, truth be told the products I’ve been using lately from NikWax have nothing to do with waterproofing. While the company is much better known for their large range of products that do just that, I’ve been using their Sandal wash. Yup, that’s right Sandal wash. You see I do a ton of wet wading to get to my fish, mostly in my Chaco sandals. I prefer to wet wade over wearing waders when I can get away with it—when it’s warm enough or not directly below a tailwater. I actually live in my sandals most of the year. That means they get a ton of use and unfortunately get pretty stinky. Which can be problematic when going out to dinner or simply sitting next to my wife on the couch.

For whatever reason the specially developed Sandal Wash from Nikwax works much better than warm soap and water and plenty of other products I’ve tried. One application and the sandals are funk free for quite a long time.

If you have an outdoor product that needs waterproofing, de-funking or UV protection, do check out the entire line of Nikwax products. It’s very comprehensive, and the company has a great philosophy about it’s environmental impact on our waterways.