Tippets: Tail Magazine, Conserving the Colorado, Froggy Throat

May 12, 2014 By: Erin Block

  • The new website Fly Fish Bonehead and its accompanying magazine, Tail, offer a wealth of resources for anglers, including: fly tying instructional videos, fishing calendars, and conservation support and education. Check out both, freely available online.
  • Four large cities that get their drinking water from the Colorado River are piloting a program that would give incentives to farmers, industries and municipalities to conserve water and reduce usage. The Colorado River System Conservation Program is a unique approach and brings with it “an opportunity to bring more resilience and adaptability to the drought-stricken, overtapped Colorado River,” writes Sandra Postel on National Geographic’s NewsWatch.
  • Angus James was removing the lure from the mouth of a jungle perch he had just caught, when he noticed a set of eyes staring back at him. The green tree frog was released (along with the fish) and escaped its destiny as lunch, at least for one more day.