Tippets: People of Fly Fishing, Risky Behavior, Staying Connected with Bass

  • In a two part interview for Chi Wulff’s “People of Fly Fishing” series, Jake McGlothlin talks with artist Christina Deubel about her artwork, on the water and off.
  • Recent research published in Nature Climate Change has shown that fish, when exposed to seawater with large concentrations of carbon dioxide, display riskier behavior. “If reef fish behavior does not adapt to rising CO2 levels over coming generations,” say researchers, “there could be serious consequences for the structure and function of future reef communities.”
  • Rob Woodruff of Woodruff Guide Service in Quitman, Texas, offers eight tips for landing bass on the fly that will “make the difference between showing off a photo and telling a story about the one that got away.” Via Orvis.
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