Tippets: Manliest Hobby, Fish Ladder to Help Alewives, Learn to Steeple Cast

May 2, 2014 By: Erin Block

  • Listed at number nine on the list of Manliest Hobbies by Men’s Health, tenkara fly fishing is featured for its simplicity and trimming fishing “down to the very basics.”  Learn more at TenkaraUSA.com.
  • A fish ladder installed at a dam on Rogers Lake and Mill Brook will allow alewives to complete their run to the lake from the sea. As a keystone species, explains Richard Conniff, “they drive the ecosystem of every coastal lake and stream from the Carolinas to Maine — or at least the ones to which they can still gain access.” Their return and success is vital for the renewal of the watershed, and also brings with it “family drama” of the landlocked and anadromous alewives interbreeding. Via The New York Times.
  • Peter Kutzer of the Orvis Fly-Fishing Schools demonstrates the steeple cast, a technique to use when up against a shoreline with trees and brush, limited casting range.