Tippets: Finding Balance, Business of Public Lands, Small Stream Strategies

April 20, 2014 By: Erin Block

  • From expanding your season to the species you chase, Lee Terkel has some advice for increasing fishing time without sacrificing family or work. Read more on finding your fly fishing equilibrium via The Orvis Blog.
  • A group of outdoor business owners have written a letter to Interior Secretary Sally Jewell urging her to take a strong stance on protecting public land access as well as their fish and wildlife populations. “Public lands are a huge driver for outdoor-related business in this country, and it’s imperative that we care for them with the same ferocity that we apply to any other multi-billion dollar business,” said Tim Romano, of Angling Trade.
  • Small stream plunge pools can often hold surprisingly large trout. In a recent post, Chad Shmukler explains some strategies for success in these unique habitats. Via Hatch Magazine.