Tippets: Striped Bass Data Collection, Tips for Grass Carp, Ferrying Salmon to the Sea

March 25, 2014 By: Erin Block

  • New York State would like the help of anglers in a fishery research project with data collection on striped bass. “Anglers can document their fishing activities, compile their fishing data and plan more effective fishing trips. They will also be contributing needed fishing data to researchers and resource managers by sharing what they catch, the sizes of their catch, and where and when they fish.” Find out more about the DEC Striped Bass Cooperative Anglers Program (SBCA) via the New York Department of Environmental Conservation.
  • Targeting grass carp can be a frustrating endeavor and their feeding and behaviors hard to crack. In preparation for the warmwater season, check out some advice on everything from flies to times and tactics via The Catch and the Hatch.
  • Due to the severe drought in California this year, if conditions do not improve by fall, a plan is in the works to ferry hatchery-raised salmon to the ocean in tanker trucks. Brian Clark Howard explains further on National Geographic’s “NewsWatch.”