Tippets: Secrets to Success, Amethyst Brook Dam Removal, Spring Revive

March 14, 2014 By: Erin Block

  • In a recent blog post Anthony Naples has straightforward advice for the beginning fly angler: “take some time to focus on these two things: finding fish and being stealthy.” Because no amount of expensive gear can make up for knowing your home waters. Via Casting Around.
  • Since the removal of The Bartlett Rod Shop Company Dam in 2012, almost two hundred years after it was originally built, Amethyst Brook in western Massachusetts has started to heal. And with improved habitat, trout are migrating upstream, Sandra Postel reports on National Geographic.
  • The Spring 2014 issue of Revive Magazine is now live and freely available online, with photography of Jay Moor, art of Shawn Bischel, and articles by Dave Hosler and Rich Felber.