Tippets: Film Talk, Warming Climate, Made in the USA

March 7, 2014 By: Erin Block

  • After attending a recent showing of the 2014 F3T, Jake Ricks has some solid advice for future film producers. Check out the most overused phrases in fly fishing films via Bumpy Water.
  • A warming climate is making Montana waters too hot for some native trout species. A recent article from the Wilderness Society highlights the dangers facing westslope cutthroat trout and the bull trout populations.
  • In a recent article on Gink & Gasoline, Louis Cahill explains the Pittman-Robertson Act of 1937 and the Dingell-Johnson Act of 1950.  Together they garner a 10% excise tax on hunting and fishing equipment, which goes into a trust that supports fish and wildlife management. “If you need another reason to by US products,” Cahill writes, “there it is.”