Tippets: More About Tigerfish, Oregon’s Coastal Management Plan, Importance of Rigging

January 28, 2014 By: Erin Block

  • Learn more about the bird-snatching tigerfish in a recent article on National Geographic. “Although such ravenous-looking fish might be the stuff of nightmares,” writes Brian Clark Howard, “they also play an important role in freshwater ecosystems, which are increasingly threatened.”
  • The Coastal Salmonid Management Plan drafted by Oregon Depatrment of Fish and Wildlife has a heavy lean towards a hatchery and harvest paradigm, sticking with old management practices of fisheries, say critics and concerned anglers. Public input is sought, and comments, concerns, and suggestions can be mailed to ODFW or submitted via email before February 10th.
  • Obsessively checking rigging for integrity of knots and for abrasions on leaders and tippets will pay off in the end with increased success on the water. “If I fail to pay attention to my fly rig, to regularly check that it remains the same rig I built and tossed into the water before casting it,” writes Chad Shmukler on Hatch Magazine, “there’s a good chance I’m no longer fishing.”