Tippets: Fishing Emergers, Endangered Rivers, Swing the Fly, Lake Trout Slot Limit

January 25, 2014 By: Erin Block

  • Emerger patterns can be some of the most effective flies, posits Chad Shmukler, yet are also the most underused. Read more about how and when to fish them, via Hatch Magazine.
  • The conservation group American Rivers has updated their annual list of the top ten at-risk rivers, from waters in Colorado to Wisconsin, Alabama to the Pacific Northwest. Take a look at the rivers and the threats facing their health via Discovery.
  • The third issue of Swing the Fly is available online. Check out articles by the likes of Dave Karczynski, Mia Sheppard, and Will Peterson.
  • In efforts to reduce the abundance of lake trout, a non-native species that has had adverse impacts on the native and protected bull trout, the Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission has voted to eliminate the lake trout “slot limit” on the southern half of Flathead Lake. However, the decision is not without contention, with opponents citing the economic impact trophy lake trout have on the area.