Tippets: Attractor Patterns, Asian Carp Move In, Solo Shots

January 9, 2014 By: Erin Block

  • Attractor patterns are all things to all fish, whatever they want them to be at the time. Aileen Lane gives a detailed tutorial for the Rainbow Nymph on Hatch Magazine.
  • A new report by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has revealed an electric barrier meant to keep Asian carp from swimming into the Great Lakes, may not be as effective as originally thought. “The electric barrier already had a spotty track record, but this report seems to burst any remaining implication it can be considered a solution to the carp invasion,” says Josh Mogerman, a spokesman for the Natural Resources Defense Council. “It reinforces the broadly held belief that a permanent, physical barrier separating the watersheds is the only way to stop the dozens of dangerous critters queued up on both sides.”
  • Photography can bring new challenges to the water, especially when not fishing with a partner. Louis Cahill presents some techniques and things to keep in mind for not only successful photos but healthy fish as well.