Tippets: Gearing Up for Steelhead, Wetland Waste, Pebble Mine Divestment?

January 4, 2014 By: Erin Block

  • From rod weight and length to fly line selection, Jim Lampros, Fishing Manager of Orvis Cleveland, has advice for properly gearing up for Great Lakes steelhead fishing.
  • Frogs are considered to be “barometers for the health of wetlands” and recent studies have identified three places where the possibility of pollution-caused deformities in frog populations are high: several wildlife refuges in Alaska, California’s Central Valley, and the Mississippi’s River Valley. Which of course, means trouble for fish populations as well. Via Grist.
  • London-based mining giant Rio Tinto has publicly announced it is considering “divestment” from the proposed Pebble Mine project. “By explicitly citing its currently producing and developing copper assets, Rio appears to be contrasting the unique environmental risks to the Bristol Bay wild salmon fishery, the overwhelming local opposition to the project, and the inconsistency of those factors with its own economic interests and standards for development,” reports Joel Reynolds via Switchboard.