Tippets: Teaching Teens, Statement on Northern Gateway Project, Oregon Winter Steelhead Guide

  • Will Lillard of North Carolina and Colorado based Lillard Fly Fishing Expeditions offers some advice on how to get teens interested and engaged in fly fishing: from magazines and films to friends and setting them off on their own.
  • Nathan Cullen, member of parliament representing the Skeena—Bulkley Valley, reacts to the Joint Review Panel for the Northern Gateway project, which recommended the Enbridge Pipeline. It’s “an insult to the people of British Columbia, and an affront to our environment and our way of life. In the face of mountains of evidence and testimony debunking the viability of this project and its proponent,” Cullen says.
  • The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has released its 2014 Winter Steelhead Guide, filled with information on where to fish as well as changes in regulations.
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