New Fly Fishing Books

December 12, 2013 By: Erin Block

  • Pulp Fly: Volume Three is a collection of stories from writers Michael Gracie, Alex Landeen, Pete McDonald, Miles Nolte, Tom Reed, Bruce Smithhammer, Tom Sadler, April Vokey, Bob White, Steve Zakur, Jay Zimmerman, and Erin Block. This third book in the Pulp Fly series follows the established path of deviating from the norm, presenting fresh voices and perspectives on the sport. Pulp Fly Ltd. [Kindle Edition] (December 2, 2013).
  • Around the Next Bend: A Fly Angler’s Journey by Jerry Kustich is a collection of essays on everything from fly-fishing contests and world records to the difficult subject of the death of loved ones. In Kustich’s writing, “the story of loss is linked to the story of hope, and both are reflected in the water we fish.” Stackpole/Headwater (December 1, 2013).
  • Sunlit Riffles and Shadowed Runs: Stories of Fly Fishing in America by Kent Cowgill ranges from nostalgia to suspense and from the Black Hills of South Dakota to the redfish flats of the Gulf of Mexico. Cowgill’s stories will resonate with anglers everywhere as his prose beautifully highlights the culture of fly fishing. University of Wisconsin Press; 1 edition (November 30, 2012).
  • Mexico Returns: Stories From A Fly Fishing Guide by Mexico Returns is an adventurous read of travel and fly fishing stories. From eccentric characters met along the way to memorable fish and waters, this book, with illustrations by Bob White, will hold your attention. Woolly Bugger Press; 1 edition (December 10, 2013).