Video: How to Remove a Fish Hook at 1500 Frames a Second

Michael Chilton of says that if you fish long enough, you’re bound to get hooked.  I must have fished long enough, because I’ve done it a number of times, and not always to myself—once I put a streamer hook in my wife’s neck. I won’t bother sharing the sordid details of that story here though….

Not only does Michael tell us how to “remove a fish hook without a trip to the doctor,” he actually shows us by sticking himself in the leg with a barbed #2 hook and shooting the whole process at 1500 frames a second, thus giving us super slow-mo video of the entire process. As he says, “you won’t miss a thing.” If you have an aversion to blood or sharp objects being stuck into living flesh I recommend not watching. Otherwise, enjoy the show and learn something useful about hook removal.

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