Tippets: Tiger Trout, Theodore Gordon Flyfishers, Novel Tying Tutorial, Great Lakes Road Trip

  • A 14-pound tiger trout turned up in annual fall sampling of Utah’s Scofield Reservoir. Find the amazing photo and report from Brett Prettyman in The Salt Lake Tribune.
  • Recently, Theodore Gordon Flyfishers celebrated its 50th anniversary. Formed in in 1963 to “preserve the sport of trout fishing by putting conservation measures into practice,” they were among the first organizations to promote catch-and-release practices. Read more from Monte Burke via Forbes.
  • Check out this new way to present a tying tutorial: in graphic novel format. The creative instructional for Tying the Grapefruit Head comes from Anadromy.
  • Alex Cerveniak indulges thoughts of a pre-midlife crisis and sets out on an epic road trip for Great Lakes steelhead, blogging all the way. Read as the adventure unfolds on Chuck and Duck via The Drake.
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