Tippets: Toothy Critters, U.S. Fisheries Management, Silk Lines for Tenkara

  • In a piece recalling his first enchantment with northern pike as a kid and how it guides his fishing today, Jason Tucker’s recent essay “Toothy Critters” is well worth the read. “I’m not paving any new ground, just getting back to my roots,” he writes.
  • Conservation efforts, legal mandates, and new management systems have all helped to end the depleted populations of U.S. fisheries. David Newman explains some of the different actions, reports, and findings on Switchboard.
  • Silk lines are most associated with bamboo rods—a traditional perfect fit like peanut butter and jelly. But recently, Jason Klass tried out silk with Tenkara. Read his thoughts on the performance and efficacy via Tenkara Talk.
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