Tippets: Fly Colors, Salmon and Hydropower, Physics of Rod Design

  • Why certain fly colors work better than others is always in question. Kirk Deeter recently broached the color pink, and why and when it seems to work best as an attractor. Something to think about next time you’re at the tying desk, via Fly Talk.
  • Salmon and hydropower can coexist, say researchers at the the CEDREN Research Centre in Norway. And in a recently published handbook, they lay out their findings and suggestions for moving forward to benefit both the needed power generation as well as the environment. ‘”We can use new knowledge and new methods to increase salmon production without compromising power production in many of the regulated rivers,” says Atle Harby.
  • Promising longer casts with less use of force, ArcticSilver rods will soon be on the market. A recent post explains the physics behind the fly rod’s unique design.
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