Tippets: Star Casting Advice, Government Shutdown Impacts Recreation Economy, Changing Tippet Size

  • David Letterman gives some casting advice to actor Michael Fassbender on a recent Late Night show. “Don’t break your wrist,” Letterman advises. Check out the clip on Field & Stream.
  • At a critical time for hunting and angling related revenue, the recent government shutdown has devastated the wildlife recreation economy, reports The Hill. “There will be no recovery of lost wages for the small businesses and rural economies that depend on hunting and fishing on America’s public lands for their livelihoods,” writes Gaspar Perricone. “But perhaps there will be a return of common sense before hunting season ends in less than three months.”
  • Being able to efficiently change tippet size when needed can make all the difference in your success on the water. Tom Rosenbauer demonstrates this important technique in a short instructional video on the Orvis blog.
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