Tippets: Casting Stealth, The Wild Clearwater, Don’t Believe the Kype

  • Anglers often forget, writes Kirk Deeter, “that a trout’s eyes are on the sides of its head and not pointing forward, like human eyes.”  Thus the need for stealthy approaches and smooth casts. Thankfully, Deeter offers up some advice on how to do both via Fly Talk.
  • In exploration of Idaho’s Bitterroot Mountains and Clearwater River, Krista Schlyer has put together a great piece on National Geographic’s Newswatch blog, focusing on the connectivity of the ecosystem. “Indeed all of us, depend on the healthy waters that flow from wilderness, from lands that leave water pure and safe,” writes Schlyer. “There are many reasons why we need wild lands, and many reasons to protect them, but perhaps this one should be enough.”
  • Fly anglers have a history of good storytelling, hand in hand with tall tales. Josh Bergan recently posted a pithy observation, writing that in the end, “fishing lies can show your angling integrity.”
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