Tippets: Scented Flies, Delta Erosion, Art of Kenney Abrames

  • From cheating to a crutch to fair game, Chad Shmukler brings together opinions of industry professionals, guides, authors, and instructors on the use of added scents on flies.
  • In the issue of coastal erosion in the Mississippi Delta, everyone has something at stake: from fish species to migrating waterfowl. “We (U.S. environmentalists) are worried about Brazil, but this is our backyard,” says Ryan Lambert. “This is a special place and everyone has skin in the game. The time to do something is now – not later. We’re losing a national treasure.”
  • In a recent feature on Fly Fishing in Walt Waters, Tom Keer profiles artist and fly angler Kenney Abrames. His artistic mind, writes Keer, “elevates anglers’ level of play, engages them to fish smarter and more creatively, and encourages them to share their insights with others.”
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