Tippets: Battling Trout, Coexistence, Water Out of Waders

September 2, 2013 By: Erin Block

  • In a look back at battling trout circa 1878, Phil Monahan points to a fun passage by Charles Dudley Warner. From “combat” on the river to cat-gut leaders, it’s an engaging, historical read.
  • While beaver and cattle are species often seen at odds with trout and salmon, they can co-exist, says Charlie Corrarino, ODFW native fish recovery program manager.  He calls beaver a “keystone species” that benefit fish. Read more on Oregon Live.
  • We all take spills on the river once in awhile, and it can leave your waders sloshing. Connor Eckhart has a good tip for getting water out of your waders. All you need is gravity and a little help from a friend.