Big Eater

September 1, 2013 By: Erin Block

A rainbow caught on the Kanektok River in Alaska fed like a king. As a mortality capture, researchers cut open its stomach to see its food sources and nearly twenty shrews were found inside.

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From: Togiak National Wildlife Refuge

Eating too much at a sitting is a problem a lot of people struggle with these days. Well, animals are no strangers to big meals either, when situations come along that provide them with an ample supply. This rainbow was caught on the Kanektok River during a rainbow trout project. It wound up being a mortality capture so it was cut open to see what it had been feeding on. Surprise! The answer was shrews, and a whole lot of them. How did so many shrews make it into one trout? It’s anyone’s guess but perhaps a nest by the river eroded, dumping all of the shrews into the water where this rainbow likely came away feeling like a lottery winner