Tippets: Fly Selection Tips, Alaska Heat Wave, River Etiquette, Elwha Time Lapse

August 18, 2013 By: Erin Block

  • If Latin names and matching the hatch have intimidated you in the past, Steve May provides a common sense look at entomology and choosing the right fly. For after all, May writes, “You have to impress the fish, not other anglers.”
  • Record-setting heat is wreaking havoc on Alaskan fisheries, with thousands of fish found dead—damaging news for tourism industry and commercial fishing alike.
  • As we focus on the when and where and how-to, sometimes etiquette gets lost in the learning. Jon Kleis writes about coexistence and interaction with other anglers on the river in The Colorado Springs Gazette.
  • Using geo-referenced photography in a GIS, watch the evolution of the Elwha River mouth from 1939 to present.