Rajeff ACA Grand All Around Champion

August 13, 2013 By: Erin Block

The 105th American Casting Association National Casting Championship was held August 1-4th at the Oakland Casting Club  in Oakland, California. Steve Rajeff took home his 41st honor as Grand All Around Champion, winning nine gold and three silver medals throughout the competition.

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Steve Rajeff 2013 ACA Grand All Around Champion

The Oakland Casting Club hosted the American Casting Association’s 105th National Casting Championships this August 1-4th in Oakland, California. Approximately 50 competitors from around the country participated. A 9 year old girl in the Junior Division named Maxine McCormick, who has been training for the last year, cast very well in distance and accuracy events and even matched some scores of the adult divisions! Larry Allen a retired dentist from Arizona, wowed the field by winning eight Men’s medals and placed third in the Grand All-Around. He owes much of his success to his physical conditioning and year round practice. We wish him continued success as he heads for the international championships in Halle, Germany next month.

Steve Rajeff won his 41st Grand All Around by winning nine gold and three silver medals and all of the Men’s combination awards at this National. Henry Mittel placed second in the Grand All-Around and Angler’s All Around, took two gold, five silver and three bronze medals. We also wish him great scores in Halle, Germany! In the All-Angler’s Combination, Elaine Gong won in the Senior Women Division, Nicole Kozicki won in the Women Division and Tony Ramirez in the Senior Men Division.

John Field
Immediate Past President