Tippets: Selecting Elk Hair, Liz Cheney License Scandal, “Sinker” Wood

August 12, 2013 By: Erin Block

  • Good deer and elk hair can be hard to work with, and even harder to find. Check out five great tips from Clark Pierce at Fly Fish Food on what to look for in selection.
  • In a misstep that is speculated could cause her loss of the senate race, it has recently been revealed that Liz Cheney lied on her fishing license about length of residence. “In a state where being a resident sportsman is, by law, an earned privilege,” says Republican strategist Liz Brimmer, “Wyoming people will take this very seriously.”
  • While most people head to the river to sink lines for fish, Louis Marcell and Adam Jones search for “sinker wood” in South Carolina’s Ashley River. The old growth finds are then turned into unique and historic furniture. Via NPR.