Tippets: Conservation History, Less is More, Misconceived South Platte, Scottish Salmon

  • American Rivers and the American Museum of Fly Fishing have common ground, no doubt, and have plans to partner on an exhibit featuring both of their strengths: history and the conservation movement.
  • While fly tiers develop new patterns with new materials and techniques, the more effective flies are often the most simple. Read more on why less can be more on SwittersB.
  • The South Platte River is widely known for its large fish (as well as crowds). But Paul Klee takes some time to outline common misconceptions of the famous Colorado river, via The Gazette.
  • Expansion of fish farm programs approved by the Scottish government has wild salmon advocates alarmed, as sea lice levels above Code of Good Practice thresholds have been found on farm sites. Read more at Fly Fishing & Fly Tying.


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