Tippets: Local Knowledge, Bug Eye View, Keen Observations

  • Whether you’re traveling to new water or making a move, knowledge about the local watersheds and environment is key. Tom Rosenbauer explains further in a recent Orvis Podcast.
  • Fly fishers have long been making imitation insects out of feathers and thread, and now researchers are applying a bug-eye view of the world to machining robots. “It’s been the age of insects for about 400 million years,” says Michael Dickinson zoologist at the University of Washington. “So I think it’s very appropriate to spend some of our energy trying to figure out how they work and sort of see the world from their perspective.”
  • To have a productive day on the water does not always necessitate having a fly rod in hand. Observation can lead to a better understanding of how fish feed and on what they do. Louis Cahill writes of such an experience, resulting in a great bonefish fly: a careful imitation of a glass shrimp.
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