Tippets: “Magicicadas,” Fly Angler’s Primer, The Columbia’s Shad, $60,000 Knot Question Answered

July 5, 2013 By: Erin Block

  • In an epic hatch happening only once every 17 years, brood II cicadas have infiltrated the East Coast. Mark Erdosy grabs the opportunity to match the hatch, finding that in reality, “There aren’t a trillion cicadas out there, but there a lot, and you just have to find them.” Read more on This River is Wild.
  • Getting into fly fishing is no doubt overwhelming, but the folks at Gear Patrol give a run down on the essentials and suggestions for not breaking the bank.
  • While dams usually mean bad news for ecosystems and fish reproduction, the population of American shad in the Columbia River basin is healthy and growing.  Via The Columbia Basin Fish & Wildlife News Bulletin.
  • While there are an overwhelming amount of knots and an equal amount of opinions about which one to use, Phil Monahan simplifies “The $60,000 question” on The Orvis Blog.