Tippets: Soft Hackle Tactics, Gear in Question, Fish With Abs

June 25, 2013 By: Erin Block

  • Fishing sparse soft-hackles can be a demanding technique, but Chris Dore outlines some methods and his go-to pattern. On the effectiveness of this style he writes, “dont feel soft hackles are the lazy way out. Keeping a selection on hand will often save the day when fish are being fickle.”
  • The recent designation of bonefish and tarpon as catch and release only species has sparked debate on gear usage and restrictions. Via Miami Herald.
  • Fascinating fossils have been found in Australia. Having abdominal muscles just like mammals, reptiles, and birds, 380-million-year-old fish “were probably far better swimmers,” says Flinders University palaeontologist John Long, “than we’d previously thought.”