Video: Finn Utility Streamer Wallet

The past 10 days I’ve been on one whitewater float trip sneaking in fishing where I could, a high mountain lake, and a beat-down of a hike looking for salmon flies on the Colorado river. All of these trips were ones where I wanted to pack what I needed but couldn’t bring the kitchen sink. This means slimming down all fly boxes and gear. I am a professed streamer junkie and as such always have a small arsenal with me. Most of the time they reside in a large Umpqua Boat box which is just not that practical to stuff in a pack on trips like these.

Enter Finn Utility—a new company out of Vermont making a small number of products the old-fashioned way. In their own words they, “are dedicated to respecting the traditional aesthetic with a touch of new.” They are “creating classic handcrafted and useful products that will last a lifetime.


A friend who works at a local fly shop handed me one of their Streamer Wallets thinking it would be right up my alley and wanted me to try it out.  I can say without a doubt I’ll be using it in specific instances where I have a limited amount of space but want to bring a healthy amount of streamers with me. It’s the perfect combination of utility and class and seems like it can be crammed anywhere. I even dropped it, chock full of bugs, in the water accidentally. I simply splayed it out on the dash on the drive home and nothing rusted.  It dried out perfectly, no worse for wear.

If you’re looking for high-quality handmade fly fishing accessories and like the traditional look, do yourself a favor and check out Finn Utlity.

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