Tippets: Brookie Enemy Lines, Two-handed Retrieve, Tour of Allcock’s

  • Vividly drawing upon the work of spy novelist John Le Carre, Neil Waugh writes about the fight against the invasive brook trout, competing against the native bull and cutthroat trout in northern waters, and the complication therein. For “not all brook trout are bad brook trout,” he writes.
  • From Bonefish and Tarpon Trust comes an instructional video of learning the two-handed line retrieval technique, for large gamefish such as tarpon.
  • Over 130 years ago, noted fly tier Sara Jane McBride, took a tour of Allcock’s manufacturing facilities in England. Her account, published in Forest & Stream in 1880, gives a unique historical view into what was once known as “The Largest Fishing Tackle Establishment in the World.” Via Fishing for History.
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