Quick Tip: Use Your Hat as a Fly Rig Keeper

June 4, 2013 By: timromano

Better than a fly box for double fly rigs.

How many times have you been out fishing with a dry-dropper, double nymph or streamer rig (dirty I know) and had to switch back and forth throughout the day?  There’s an easy solution for keeping your previous rig all set up and ready to go at a moment’s notice: use your hat as a rig-keeper.

Simply wrap your double or triple fly rig around your hat and secure with the hooks. Make sure the hooks are not barbed, but it doesn’t matter how long the rig is—simply keep wrapping.  This method works with wide-brimmed or baseball hats and keeps everything nice, tidy and tangle free for future use.  No knot retying, tippet cutting, or split-shot reapplication.  It’s all up on your hat ready to go with one quick attachment.