Tippets: Choosing Fly Line, New Outlook on Life, Gunnison Diversion Replacement

  • From density to core and coating, Buzz Bryson simplifies the process of choosing the right fly line for your fishing style and usage on Fly Fishing in Salt Water.
  • When veteran Josh Williams lost his right arm in an accident in Fort Hood, Texas, he gained a new sport and outlook on life: “Fly fishing does more for me than all the medicines on the market,” Williams said in a recent profile piece by Bill Cochran in The Roanoke Times.
  • Thanks to the work of TU, BLM, and the Relief Ditch Irrigation Company among others, the diversion dam on the Gunnison River is being modernized, replacing the push-up dam with a permanent diversion structure and improvements that will remove the fish barrier and improve habitat, while making it safer and more accessible for recreational boating as well.
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