Tippets: Cohen Photo Essay, World Record Carp, Brook Trout Survey, Presentation Technique

May 10, 2013 By: Erin Block

  • Known for his stacked-deer-hair bass bugs, Pat Cohen and his work are featured in a photo essay in The Times Union. From an articulated rat to Merganser duck, Cohen’s work is original and effective.
  • An over one-hundred-pound common carp has been caught twice in the past week by anglers at a privately owned lake in France. The amazing carp is being reviewed by the International Game Fish Association for the world record which, as it stands, is at 75 pounds 11 ounces, set by an angler in 1987.
  • If your homewaters are in Maine, local and national conservation groups are looking for your help in completing the fourth year of the Brook Trout Pond Survey project in the remote western and northern part of the state.
  • With more great video tips, The Orvis Ask a Fly Fishing Instructor series focuses on how to make delicate presentations for the still pools of small streams and ponds.